How do I properly test my internet speed

How do I test my internet speed in a correct way?

1. Connect the device on which the internet speed is measured with an Ethernet (network) cable to the modem/router.

This way you rule out that your wireless connection is the cause of a delay.

2. No other device (smartphone, gaming console, TV/digicorder, tablet, other computer(s) or laptop(s), …) may be connected to the internet at the time of the test.

3. Close all apps, programs, browsers, plugins (Netflix, torrents, antivirus or Windows updates, …), and all other programs running in the background.

Under Task Manager on Windows or Activity Monitor on MacOS, then network statistics (“Network” on MacOS, “Networks” on Windows) you will see all items currently using your internet connection on your device.

4. Run the speed test

  • Go to
  • Press “Begin Test”.
  • Wait for the result.
  • Take a screenshot of the result of your speed test if you want to send it to our support.

5. Take multiple tests at different times of the day and during the week. With this we rule out whether the problem is a one-off or whether it concerns a general problem.

How do I evaluate the result of my speed test?

Normally in good conditions, during off-peak hours, you can download and upload at about 80% of the synchronization speed of your modem. 20% of your line’s capacity is lost to ATM and IP overhead (control packets).

If your speed test is about 80% of the sync speed (displayed on your modem), then there is no problem. If it should be lower, we should look for a possible cause. Be sure to follow all the steps as mentioned above perfectly, because usually a slow wireless connection or an app on your PC or smartphone is the problem.

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